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The International Gift Exposition in the Smokies® and the Souvenir Super Show™
600 Corporate Pointe, 10th Floor
Culver City, CA

Phone: (800) 430-7608

Sales / Operations / Billing

Sarah Wilson

Show Manager

P: (949) 325-6396

Anne McConahey 

Operations Director

P: 949 226 5709

Pam Thomspon

Buyer Concierge

Anne Gvildys

Customer Success Manager

P:  323 817 2205

Renee Domaloan

Order Coordinator

P: (949) 226-5709

Dean Cechvala

Show Coordinator

Brittany Wilke

Show Coordinator

Executive Management

Karalynn Sprouse

Executive Vice President of Emerald Expositions

Camille Candella

Vice President of Marketing

Jody Mosely

Vice President of Operations

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