Pavilions at IGES 2023

We are thrilled to present diverse pavilions that cater to every interest and passion! Our commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience has led us to curate four distinct pavilions for your enjoyment. Explore the Sustainable Pavilion, a haven for eco-conscious individuals seeking ethically made products from vendors committed to sustainability. Discover the latest trends and must-have toys at our Toy + On Trend Pavilion, where exhibitors showcase the most exciting and innovative items. Experience the pride of American craftsmanship at the Made in America Pavilion, celebrating the talents and ingenuity of local artisans and manufacturers. Our Campground Pavilion offers a delightful blend of outdoor gear, camping essentials, and nature-inspired products for those seeking a truly unique adventure. All four pavilions will be conveniently located at our Sevierville location (with ample free parking), ensuring a delightful and seamless shopping experience. Join us at IGES this year and immerse yourself in the world of creativity, quality, and endless possibilities!


Sustainable is an exciting new addition to Sevierville—an entire pavilion showcasing sustainably made products from over 40 vendors. This space will feature a diverse range of goods, all crafted with a focus on ethical and eco-friendly practices. From Fair Trade Federation members to local artisans, our pavilion will be a haven for conscious retailers looking to support sustainable businesses.

Toy + On Trend

Introducing the NEW! Toy + On Trend Pavilion – a captivating collaboration between IGES and Enchanted Moments. With over 35 exceptional vendors, this exclusive partnership brings you the latest in trendy toys and captivating on-trend products. Step into a world of imagination where playfulness meets innovation. Join us on a journey of wonder and excitement as we bring you the most sought-after toys and trendsetting treasures. 


The Campground @ IGES is a new pavilion geared towards the outdoor and recreation industry. Featuring unique merchandise from boating and lake sports equipment to wellness and from outdoor cookware to activities, the Campground @ IGES stands out as a place to conveniently discover fresh outdoor and recreation merchandise while shopping at your favorite resort, souvenir, and specialty gift show, all in one location.

Made in America

The Made in America Pavilion is where American craftsmanship takes center stage. With over 110 vendors proudly showcasing products made in the U.S.A., this is a celebration of our nation’s ingenuity and quality. When you purchase from these vendors, you support local businesses and workers who pour their hearts and souls into creating these exceptional goods. Join us in honoring the spirit of American-made excellence at the Made in America Pavilion.