Buyer Bucks

Buyer Bucks is a program designed to giveback to buyers who are writing orders at IGES; it pays to spend money! Find out how to participate and save.

  • Location: Sevierville Convention Center 
  • Where: Select participating exhibitors
  • Description: Spend a buck, get a buck! At the Buyer Bucks Program at IGES, buyers can earn $$ back when shopping at the show with participating exhibitors. Exclusively at the Sevierville Convention Center.

How Does it Work?

Buyers get rewarded with discounts and specials from exhibitors participating in the Buyer Bucks program. When a buyer makes qualifying purchases of $400 or more with an exhibitor participating in the Buyer Bucks program, the IGES show will reward the buyer with money back! Buyer Bucks is a win-win for buyers and another great reason to attend and shop IGES in November.


Be sure to get your Buyer Bucks at registration for specials and deals.

Buyers Get…

  • Discounts and special offers from participating exhibitors
  • Get $$ back from IGES based on the amount spent during the show with participating exhibitors


Payout based on total show orders spent with participating Buyer Bucks vendors.

On total orders of: IGES rewards:
$400 – $1,499 $50
$1,500 – $2,999 $100
$3,000 & Up $150


Earn Extra Money! Place qualifying* orders with 3 or more participating exhibitors and earn an additional $150.

*Orders must be at least $400 per exhibitor to qualify.


  • Spend $1,000 with BB Exhibitor A and $2,000 with BB Exhibitor B = $150 gift card.
  • Spend $1,000 with BB Exhibitor A, $2,000 with BB Exhibitor B, and $400 with BB Exhibitor C = $300 gift card.
  • Spend $400 with BB Exhibitor A, $200 with BB Exhibitor B, and $1,000 with BB Exhibitor C = $50 gift card.
  • Spend $400 with BB Exhibitor A, $400 with BB Exhibitor B, $400 with BB Exhibitor C, and $400 with BB Exhibitor D = $250 gift card.
  • Spend $4,000 with BB Exhibitor A, $300 with BB Exhibitor B, and $200 with BB Exhibitor C = $150 gift card.



  • One redemption per company. Attendees from or on behalf of the same company must compile POs before coming to the Redemption Station.
  • Buyer Bucks program is valid only at the current IGES Sevierville location, from November 9-11, 2021. Orders must be written onsite during the current show.
  • Buyer Bucks may not be used to pay any invoice, and/or may not be used by buyers as payment “on account” against any outstanding indebtedness of customer.
  • Buyer Bucks rewards are non-transferable to any other party.
  • Buyer must bring copies of all qualifying POs to the Buyer Bucks Redemption Station in Sevierville no later than 3pm on Thursday, November 11, 2021. Orders will be verified with exhibitors. Show Management reserves the right to revoke or reduce reward amounts if orders cannot be verified. Orders that are cancelled or not paid will not count toward rewards.
  • Buyer Bucks will be paid out as (1) gift card in the total reward amount. No gift cards will be handed out at the show. Gift cards will be mailed to the address given at redemption after the show.
  • Attendee hereby releases Emerald Expositions from any and all liability, claims, lawsuits, damages, losses, cost and expenses of any kind which arise out of/or result from attendee’s attendance at the event, whether or not foreseeable, including without limitation, personal injuries to exhibitor or his/her invitees.

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