SEVIERVILLE, TN • November 5-7, 2024
PIGEON FORGE, TN • November 6-9, 2024


SEVIERVILLE, TN • November 5-7, 2024
PIGEON FORGE, TN • November 6-9, 2024


Sustainability at IGES

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem, preserves natural resources for future generations, and has become a powerful value proposition to increasingly conscious consumers. Retailers that follow sustainable practices show that their business is aware of society’s social and environmental issues and wants to alleviate how they contribute. Because of this, we’ve selected the top 10 companies that will exhibit at IGES 2023 that follow sustainable practices and will be a part of the Sustainability Shopping Tour.

2023 Sustainable Vendors in Sevierville

We will visit these companies during the Sustainability Shopping Tour as part of the Sustainability In Retail Professional Program (SRPP). The tour will be led by Tommy Brown of the St. Louis Zoo, Sustainability Buyer, from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 7th.

Promotions Guy - IGES Exhibitor

Hewn LLC

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 3435

Hewn offers customizable USA Made apparel programs, highlighting their new boutique quality brand Southwind.  The entire collection is sourced in a small loop: The cotton is grown and spun in Arkansas, milled and dyed in North Carolina, then cut & sewn in-house in Kansas City.  Southwind also produces on-demand, and keeps low inventory to further reduce waste.

Cashmere Bath Co - IGES Exhibitor

Natalie Therese

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2514

Natalie Therese creates simple, elegant and functional accessories made from eco-friendly cork fabric. Cork is a wondrous, natural fiber that is sustainably harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree in Portugal.

WE Made / IGES Exhibitor


Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2519

Our focus at MacKenzie’s is making hand scrub, soap, lotions and moisturizing body oils for people who enjoy the coastal lifestyle.  Our legendary Fisherman’s Hand Scrub is recognized by Bon Appetit and Good Housekeeping as a top gift item for chefs or anyone working with fish, onions or garlic.  Our products are made in the USA with natural oils and waxes sourced from trusted US suppliers.

Green Kids Club / IGES Exhibitor

Portland Bee Balm

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2616

Portland Bee Balm offers its own in-house recycling program, allowing customers to send in their plastic tubes, keeping them out of landfills.  We use real wooden labels on all of our lip balm tubes and for each tree that is cut down to make our labels, 10 additional trees are planted.

Beyond Borders / IGES Exhibitor

National Park Magic

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2816

National Park Magic crafts exquisite, hand-blown glass ornaments inspired by the breathtaking beauty of America’s National Parks, each adorned with our signature Arrowhead Charm. Beyond capturing the essence of these natural wonders, we are passionately committed to their preservation, dedicating a portion of our proceeds to fund vital conservation projects within the parks.

dZi Handmade / IGES Exhibitor

Ocean Sole Africa

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2728

Ocean Sole is a social enterprise that transforms discarded flip flops washed up on beaches into colorful sculptures and products. Our mission is to raise awareness about marine pollution and promote sustainability through art, while providing employment to local Kenyan Artisans.

The Landmark Project / IGES Exhibitor

GOEX Apparel

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2623

At GOEX Apparel, we’re on a mission to bring total transparency and 100% authenticity to your merch choices – think trendy designs, top-notch quality, sustainability, transparency, affordability and fair trade all rolled into one.  Get awesome merch your clients will love while holding onto your values to care for people and planet!

Nomadic State of Mind / IGES Exhibitor

Conservation Coffee

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2735

Conservation Coffee offers the highest quality Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified coffee on the market, while using the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging available.  Better Coffee, for a Better Tomorrow.

Trouvaille Global / IGES Exhibitor

Puzzles That Rock

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2828

Puzzles that Rock’s jigsaw puzzles are Proudly made in the USA with recycled cardboard and soy based ink.

4Oceans / IGES Exhibitor


Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2830

Eco-kids makes natural art supplies to encourage a creative, nurturing outlet for all ages. We maintain a thoughtful approach using nontoxic, sustainable materials and packaging that minimizes our environmental footprint.
African Dream Foods / IGES Exhibitor

Madd Capp

Sevierville  •  Booth #SV 2304

Madd Capp is committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, and product packaging are printed with vegetable-based inks and made from recycled materials sourced from FSC-certified, responsibly managed forests. New this year – puzzle pieces packed in biodegradable and compostable bags made of cornstarch, a renewable plant material.