Monogrammed apparel captures consumer attention in a way that nothing else can. Retailers can use this to their advantage by introducing products to their inventory assortment that has their logo, resort name or favorite saying more easily than ever before thanks to the wide assortment of products available with customization. From t-shirts to sweatshirts to baby onesies and more, monogrammed apparel and accessories are all the rage.

Whether you opt to brand clothing with the name of your business, your locale, or you let your customers decide what to embroider on their sneaks and sweaters; offering apparel personalization can be the competitive advantage you need for your store or gift shop to thrive. Expanding on this, let’s explore how to determine what type of monogramming is right for your business – as well as how to give your customers personalization they’ll appreciate for both the product and the price.


Find the Right Image & Copy for Your Store

What makes your store or gift shop brand unique? If you’re anchoring a resort park or located in a tourist town, this is easy to identify. But beyond these obvious points, what else can you introduce in terms of monogramming that can help push sales?

Talk to your customers and associates to pinpoint what branding slogan or imagery is special about your particular store and then customize apparel to play on that theme. Your store’s unique appeal might be your location, your company slogan, or an icon or graphic that imparts your store’s vibe. If your gift shop is at a hotel in a luxurious locale, for instance, then your customers might want to purchase a product embroidered with the name of the hotel and the location to let people to know where they’ve been without speaking a word. On the other hand, if you’re a feisty local gift shop with an awesome graphic that people always recognize, increase the perceived value of your keystone products by emblazoning them with your logo.

The goal is to give your give customers a first-hand brand experience that they can take home and discuss with their friends for years to come. As Racked explains,  “as ‘personal brand’ becomes a thing that’s less and less embarrassing to say out loud, our own names and initials have become the ultimate status symbol.”

Sell Your Merchandise at the Perfect Price Point

Here’s the deal: Embroidered apparel typically costs more than screen printing, so you should choose which method to use for your store (or what products to monogram with which method) based on what price point will enable you to sell the completed product to your customers while still making margins. For reference’s sake, Lawson reports that the average cost of 1-color screen-printing falls somewhere between $5.50 and $9.00; while Thumbtack says their average embroidery fee falls between $10 to $20. Keeping this in mind, review what items traditionally sell well in your store and identify how you can leverage stronger sales through monogrammed apparel based on this sales history. To further support you in your efforts, attend the International Gift Exposition in the Smokies where you can explore a variety of vendors that offer monogrammed products – as well as explore various price points based on your unique store needs.

Finally, remember that trends change quickly – but what doesn’t change is the love affair customers have in wanting products that remind them of experiences they have had. Through monogrammed apparel, you can both keep up with this customer preference while also incorporating trend styles into your monogrammed mix of inventory. As a result, your resort or gift shop can remain competitive by staying ahead of trends and by also giving shoppers access to customized merchandise that they have historically loved.

Author: Jasmine Glasheen, Retail Minded

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