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From tempting the tourists to sussing out the real deal in Made in America, museum merchandising tips to surviving a retail Apocalypse, here are some great reads to explore.

Knowing Which Products are Truly Made in America

The source of a product is becoming increasingly important to consumers, as the global economy has become more difficult to navigate. An area of concern for customers is how to identify what is really being made in America because laws allow for some leeway about marketing. This will help you navigate the fine details of the category so you can be informed about your choices.

Sell More Souvenirs This Summer

People love to memorialize a fabulous vacation; Instagram and the infamous selfie have made it easy to share their vacations, souvenirs are still the most popular way to do this. By focusing on great products, optimized pricing and creative displaysretailers can make the most of their tourist customers and those seeking to solidify their experience. 

Easy to Implement Merchandising Tips for Museums

Travel retail revenue is up and museum stores are a big piece of that. With these merchandising ideas, you’ll be able to maximize every visitor to your museum. Adding handmade and local products to your assortment will set you apart and create lasting experiences people will cherish.

Survive a Retail Apocalypse: Innovate the In-Store Customer Experience

Many have reported on the death of brick-and-mortar retail due to the e-commerce boom, but many retailers, large and small have survived through innovative reinvention. E-commerce provided a better, more convenient experience to the big-box stores, but consumers are still wanting an in-store experience, but not in the traditional sense. Read all about how to create an experience that engages a customer with education, entertainment and technologies that wow them.

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