From identifying the right inventory to creating engaging merchandising displays to offering customer experiences that are memorable, there is a lot that helps to separate one gift shop from another. It’s these details, however, that can make or break a business and thus, critical to understand how to excel in. To help, IGES offers the below ABC’s of gift shop retailing to help your unique store thrive in a competitive retail marketplace.

A: View Your Store as Providing a Service Instead of Simply Selling Products

Local and tourist customers alike appreciate stores that aren’t just in tune with their inventory needs but also their shopping preferences, as well. This includes supporting customers with informed, friendly sales associates and offering above-and-beyond extras to support store customers. Whether it’s providing shipping from stores to customer homes or as simple as providing refreshing beverages throughout the day, it’s these variations that differ one store from the next. For gift shop merchants in particular, providing services that extend beyond stellar customer service can help boost sales and loyalty – ultimately helping to keep these same merchants top of mind when customers decide where to shop.

B:  Focus on the Customers Physically In Your Store

There is a constant focus among retailers to chase new business yet the reality is, repeat business is a huge opportunity for retailers to strengthen. To help do this, gift shops should focus on what’s happening in their stores at all times despite their often busy to-do-lists. Simply stated, aim to deliver outstanding in-store experiences that will keep customers engaged, excited and wanting to spend while they are within your store environment. Offering products that meet their demands – such as monogrammed apparel for tourist based gift shops or on-trend inventory for those looking to support locally minded, repeat customers – is essential in attracting customer attention. To explore the right inventory for your gift shop store, attend IGES in Tennessee where you can discover gift shop items perfect for your one-of-a-kind store! Learn more here.  

C: Curate a Dynamic Inventory Assortment

If capturing stronger sales is on your wish-list as a gift shop, consider how name-drop merchandise can help.  Name-drop inventory – which is inventory sold that offers names customized on it such as that of tourist destination, town, attraction or even event – can vary from keychains to ornaments to plush toys to t-shirts and more. There is truly an abundance in variety to consider when it comes to name-drop merchandise, as well as many benefits it can add to gift shop businesses. Among these benefits is sales, particularly for gift shops positioned in tourist areas. Consumers want to commemorate trips and experiences they have had by buying products that identify the region, resort or town of which they are visiting – thus, name-drop merchandise makes the perfect type of inventory to curate into gift shop assortments.

Finally, remember that in order to excel as a gift shop retailer, you must recognize the value in inventory and customer care alike. To help strengthen your unique shop stand out among the rest, begin by registering for the upcoming IGES in Tennessee. Learn more here.

By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

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