Summer time is a welcomed time for consumers and retailers alike. After all, days are longer and leisure strolls in and out of stores are a great way for customers to pass time. For tourist-based retailers in particular, this time of year often brings increased foot traffic and as a result, the opportunity for increased sales. But let’s face it – it’s not as easy as just opening store doors and expecting to sales to follow.

If you’re in the business of tourist sales, consider how the below tips can help strengthen your store profit this upcoming summer season.

Tip #1: Incorporate Special Events Into Your Store Calendar

Want to truly optimize your store visibility and sales this summer? Introduce special events into your store routine. For tourist-based retailers, this is important to consider since it adds excitement and entertainment to their consumers – many of which are looking for those exact sentiments during their travel or tourist times. It can be as simple as having muffins and mimosas every Saturday morning between Memorial Day and Labor Day or more elaborate such as hosting an evening shop and social party every Thursday all summer long. The key, however, is to make these experiences beyond the ordinary so that customers feel as if they are in fact something special. To help market these experiences, don’t forget to tell local hotels, tourism centers, partner businesses and more to help spread the word.

Tip #2: Highlight Your Inventory Beyond Store Walls

With the warmth of sunshine on your side, take advantage of your storefront space and bring your inventory outside of your actual store walls to help increase store sales. Using your sidewalk or the immediate space outside of your store, create displays that feature items on sale, recently arrived or based on a theme such as “dog days of summer” or “red white and blue”. While these efforts don’t need to be grand, the return of them can be. The main goal is to increase product visibility and thus, sales. Don’t forget to leverage your social media following, as well, by taking pictures of your storefront featuring inventory displayed beyond your store walls and share these pictures on social media, as well! One more tip? Be sure to mix up your exterior storefront merchandising daily to keep your local audience intrigued.

Tip #3: Feature Name-Drop & Souvenir Products in Focal Spots

Tourists love momentums to help them remember their – you guessed it – tourist experience. Don’t make them have to go through a scavenger hunt to find these items, however. By offering name-drop items such as t-shirts, ball caps, coasters, plush-items and more, you welcome the opportunity to increase store sales. Summertime is the perfect time of year to up your game when it comes to selling souvenir products because there are countless skus that cater to the summer season specifically. Blow up beach balls, water bottles, beach towels and even select beverage and food items are fantastic additions to your store shelves this summer season. To be sure your store is always in stock of the latest trends and must-have items, explore IGES which features more than 550 booths of name-drop items for souvenirs, coastal gifts, children’s toys & plush, resort apparel, gourmet, and Made in America to stock your retail and online stores. 

With the right inventory by your side and some simple adjustments to your normal store routine, you can make summertime a selling success for your tourist business! Gain more insight on how to strengthen your store sales here, plus register now for the next IGES this upcoming Fall in Tennessee here.

By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

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