When it comes to gift stores, the items set to start trending are cost-effective gifts that help make recipients feel good. Here are four that you may want to have:

  1. Wooden Namedrop Products: Woodcraft and handmade items are popular keepsakes and gifts. 
  2. Animal Kingdom Reigns: Sloths continue to be popular, sharks and bears are trending. Have plush gifts that bring a smile to faces available for purchase!
  3. Sock It To Me: Socks, socks, socks. Footwear is a fun way to make someone smile. 
  4. Fair & Ethical: Made in the U.S, fair trade, and eco-friendly products will continue to be best sellers. 

The exhibitor featured in this video are: 

  1. b. Dazzle
  2. Sibbet Studios
  3. Aurora World 
  4. Wilcor 
  5. Play Visions
  6. Bearington Collection

As customers are shopping again, having items that they want to purchase will help bring your bottom line back up!

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