It may not be the holidays yet… but there’s no better time than now to prepare your store for the rush of customers that will be looking to shop and spend this upcoming holiday season. Among the ways to do this is to offer a wide array of merchandise that provokes customer interest… as well as captures customer dollars. For tourist based retailers in particular, the opportunity to do this is more exciting than ever. Inventory ideas for tourist based stores – whether museum shops, resort boutiques, community centers or any other store that caters to tourist based guests – are endless. From name-drop items to trendy must-haves to classic souvenirs with updated twists and more, retailers have a lot to consider when it comes to stocking their stores for the holiday season.

Ready to make your holiday season your best yet? Incorporate these tips to help.


Tip #1: Merchandise Your Store with Lower Priced Items

Whether it’s $1 keychains, $5 novelty items or under $20 apparel goods, items that are priced affordably are more likely to sell – period. The catch? Incorporate these items throughout your displays so that no matter where your customers turn, they feel confident they can find something that fits their budget. Even when merchandised with more expensive items, these affordable items suddenly become more accessible to customers due to their attractive price points. But make no mistake… making sure your store is building a profit this holiday season is key. To ensure you do this, source items for your store that are strong in margin – allowing your business to gain a healthy return on each unit sold. Explore items that include name-drop apparel and accessories, monogrammed goods, plush items and more at IGES this November in Tennessee to stock your shelves this holiday season and beyond. Just remember… incorporating items priced to sell can help you strengthen your sales success. Combined with higher priced inventory, your store will have something for every customer and likewise, capture more sales along the way.


Tip #2: Offer Keepsake Items for Customers to Buy for Themselves… And Others   

 It may be the holidays, but tourist customers often shop for themselves versus just for others. Keeping this in mind, be sure your store offers a variety of keepsake items this holiday season that will entice your customers to want to buy themselves a gift – and possibly others, as well. Great opportunities to consider include holiday ornaments, decorative figurines and wall hangings that remind your customers of their visit to your tourist attraction or area. Each of these items should not be limited to just one style, however. Be sure to identify different variations of keepsake items to appeal to the different styles of your customers. From classic Christmas tree ornaments to more stylish, modern holiday décor and more, consider who your customers are then be sure to stock your shelves with something for everyone. Don’t buy too deep in keepsake items, however, because remaining holiday inspired inventory is not idea for your overall budget. Instead, review past year sales and budget for these items so that you aim to buy just enough to sell thru – then applaud yourself when you don’t have to markdown any holiday inventory. Another tip? Consider having some of these items pre-wrapped and ready to go for busy customers that want to take these items with them already gift-wrapped and ready to share with others. Gift-wrapped items also help make for stronger, holiday inspired displays… a win-win!


Tip #3: Use Signage to Help Encourage Stronger Sales  

Through signage, retailers can share ideas on not only what to buy – such as identifying a top ten gift list that your store offers – but also help customers understand your collective store assortment better. For example, signage is a great way to direct customers to different sections of your store, as well as provide insight and education on vendors, products, store promotions, price points and more. Additionally, don’t overlook the value of using signage to alert customers to what your store may offer such as gift cards, shipping, complimentary gift-wrapping and other relevant details unique to your business, as well. Collectively, these details can help encourage your customers to make a purchase they may not have otherwise – something any busy retailer can appreciate.

Finally, remember that tourist customers are either on vacation, enjoying a day off or visiting your store to pass time during an other tourist experience. Welcome all of these customers to leisurely engage in your store and along the way, charm them through your displays, festive décor, holiday music and vast assortment of inventory that they won’t want to leave without a souvenir. To help your store get holiday ready, attend the upcoming IGES show.


By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

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