Whether your store is located in a bustling city that attracts tourists year-round or you’re anchored to a tourist attraction such as a museum, amusement park or national monument, there is no denying the value of dollars that tourists can bring to your retail business. The reality is, however, customers have a lot of options when it comes to spending money and your store alone is not the only place looking to capture their dollars. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to find ways to not just capture tourist dollars… but continually keep them coming back. To help do this, creating loyalty – aka repeat sales – from your tourist customers is an important strategy to introduce to your business. To help, consider the following tips.


Tip #1: Capture Email Addresses to Stay in Touch With Customers

Did you know that email is among the most influential factors for driving retail sales? When used to engage your audience, you can incorporate email as a way to remind customers of their tourist experience with your store and introduce inventory to them via email that triggers them to buy again. The catch? You need to offer them opportunities to make purchases without having to physically be in your store such as e-commerce or directly from social media.


Tip #2: Offer Seasonal Name-Drop Merchandise Items

Holidays coming up? Remind your past customers how great a Christmas ornament would look on their tree. Spring finally around the corner? Provide name-drop merchandise item ideas – such as hats and light-weight hoodies – for your customers to order reminding them of their time at your tourist location. Collectively, these inventory reminders that can be pushed out via email and social media are great ways to keep customer dollars coming back to your store.


Tip #3: Use Nostalgia as a Selling Tool

 Customers love fond memories and let’s face it, tourist based retailers are in the business of delivering them. Play off the nostalgia of your tourist area and use this to your advantage when staying in touch with customers between their in-store visits. Thanks to social media this is easier than ever, but don’t just share pictures of your store… remind them why they need something from our store! Some examples include:


“Missing the fun from our beautiful tourist destination? Bring a piece of it home to you with an order of XXX delivered directly to your door!”


“Want to feel like you are here again with us? This candle is the perfect reminder of our summer air and the good times you shared with us!”


The main takeaway? Get creative to get your customers to stay in touch!


Finally, retailers who are successful at capturing repeat tourist dollars are aware of current consumer trends, historic retail sales and the importance of branding their businesses online even if they don’t sell e-commerce. Having updated social media pages is valuable for all retail businesses, as is email marketing. But consistency is the catch! And to truly win your customers over again and again, be sure your inventory assortment is worth them wanting to discover. Discover more about tourist based inventory at the upcoming IGES in Tennessee. Click here to learn more.


By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

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