Snow, sleet, sunshine or storms, retailers must embrace weather in order to embrace store sales.  This is particularly the case for tourist based merchants who rarely have the chance to welcome customers again if the weather is not in their favor – thus, these same merchants must prepare their stores to welcome customers despite unfavorable weather conditions. Keeping this in mind, consider the tips below.


TIP #1. Welcome Weather as a Reason to Promote Store Sales and Inventory   

While a beautiful day may increase foot traffic in stores, the reality is not every day will be beautiful. Because of this, retailers need to prepare for days that the weather is not so great – such as a storm hits or the heat is excessive and keeping tourists from going outside at all. To help, plan ahead so that when weather happens your store can react. Some examples of this include having social media posts ready to go – including complimentary graphics made – that promote a “Rain or Shine” special to incentivize customers to come to your store or partner with local hotels or other tourist attractions and share these details with them, as well, to help promote your business. This also presents the opportunity to get creative with store specials that only happen on extreme weather days – truly encouraging customers to want to get to your store.


TIP #2: Introduce Inventory That Compliments Various Weather Conditions

Does it rain often in your neck of the woods? Have name-drop umbrellas always on hand to sell and don’t overlook introducing novelty based umbrellas, ponchos, raincoats and more to help boost sales, as well. If snow is more likely to hit your home town, then consider what items can help increase store sales that will also help customers stay warm and dry. From knit hats to monogrammed scarfs to gloves that compliment customers of all ages and sizes, be sure to keep these must-have items on hand even if your store doesn’t offer apparel and accessories as its main assortment of inventory. The catch is to introduce inventory that will help compliment your local weather – therefore also helping to compliment your store customers. To help identify items that can boost your stores sales despite weather conditions, explore inventory at IGES – an annual gift show held in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, Tennessee.


TIP #3: Use Weather to Connect With Your Customers  

Merchants do not have the luxury of choosing weather patterns to complement their stores hours, customer preferences or selling goals. Yet, when merchants act with agility they are better positioned to be more responsive to weather and as a result, stand out from their local competition. Resort shops located in beach towns, for example, should offer everything from sunblock to soothing lotion in case of sunburns while also providing customers items that may include beach towels, hats, sweatshirts for unexpected cool evenings and bathing suits for that guaranteed business traveler who forgot to pack theirs but still wants a pool day. Having these items in stock positions merchants to connect with their customers and as a result, increase store sales along the way. It also keeps these same customers from having to go somewhere else to get what they may need.


Finally, offering a vibrant inventory assortment such as customizable apparel, must-have souvenirs and items that customers will need – such as chap-stick due to a sunburn or cold weather – is among the best ways to make store sales despite weather. Create the perfect blend of inventory for your store – rain or shine –that keeps your customers buying year-round by visiting IGES in the Fall of 2019. Discover more here!


By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

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